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We Got Married in Alissa’s brother Josh’s back yard with a small group of close friends and family, followed by a big party in Pasadena with a bigger collection of loved ones. Alissa’s dear friend, Franny, officiated the ceremony beautifully!

In Aaron’s own words: I’ve looked forward to becoming a dad for a long time. I can’t wait to experience life again through tiny new eyes, and give back to the next generation the kind of unconditional love and support I got from my own parents. Since I mostly work from home, I’m excited to take care of a baby while Alissa is at work. Spending so much time with a little one would be a rare and incredible gift.

Close friends, old and new: Alissa is a loyal and dedicated friend, who is still very close with her three best pals from high school. They still use their childhood nickname for the foursome: the F.A.R.T. girls, after their first names: Franny, Alissa, Rachel and Traci. F.A.R.T. makes a point of gathering each year for our families to catch up and enjoy time together, and we love being a part of their children’s lives. Those kids consider Alissa and Aaron to be aunt and uncle, and we talk on Zoom nearly every week. Many of our friends in Los Angeles had babies in the last few years, and we loved watching these kids grow and establish distinct personalities. We accompanied children on outings to the LA Zoo, played with hermit crabs at the beach and wowed them with the amazing Spring cherry blossoms on display at a botanical center.

Alissa is a musical natural with a great singing voice (she loves karaoke!) and an amazing ability to recall song lyrics from decades ago. She has a mind for puzzles and does a daily crossword and even won the grand prize on a short-lived Crosswords TV game show a few years ago. 

Our Families: Alissa grew up in Los Angeles, and her family is still there. We lived in L.A. for years, and Aaron was warmly embraced by her dad, Steve and stepmom, Rochelle and by Alissa’s mom, Kameron, and brother Josh. We regularly celebrated holidays, ate dinner and watched movies with niece and nephew, Sarah and Joey. Being there to see them grow from babies into teenagers was a meaningful and enormous joy for Alissa. While we’re no longer local, we still check in weekly by phone with the whole family and visit a couple times a year.

Our Home: We own a charming two-story house with a big front yard and green, fenced-in back yard, perfect spaces for a little one to run around or play fetch with the dogs. The house has room to entertain a crowd on holidays and special occasions and extra bedrooms for friends and family to stay over. Our favorite spot in the house is in front of our wood-burning fireplace in the living room during the winter. It’s so cozy, and will be ideal for reading bedtime stories or piecing together a puzzle on a crisp afternoon.

In Alissa’s own words: “I can’t wait to be a mom! The world has so much to offer, and I want to share life’s experiences with a child. I am excited to help support their curiosity, and encourage education and openness to new adventures, whether exploring plants and bugs in our own back yard, or going into the city for a show or an exotic meal.”

Having moved cross-country a few years ago, we’re making new friends and meeting new little ones. Our close neighbor friends, Tony and Brittany have a one year-old, Miles, who spends a lot of time running around in our back yard. His teenaged half-sister, Sophia, is a delight to have over for dinner. Aaron loves cooking with kids, giving them little assignments and passing along tips and tricks. A favorite memory was teaching our friend Meryl’s 10 year-old, Sam, the best way to crack an egg so it doesn’t get shell in the dish. A few weeks later, Meryl let us know Sam was correcting her egg technique, as uncle Aaron showed him the coolest trick!

Alissa on Aaron: Aaron is incredibly intelligent, warm and kind-hearted. The moment I met him, I knew Aaron was special. He instantly puts people at ease with a quick joke and sincere interest. Aaron has an unending thirst for knowledge, and he is an amazing storyteller. Aaron grew up in a home full of laughter and love with supportive parents who encouraged his natural humor and intelligence. He performed in plays and did comedy in college, and even started a regional comedy festival. Aaron is a natural with kids, I can’t wait to see him as a doting dad!

Aaron’s family — parents Ron and Mary and sister, Whitney — all live in Iowa, where he grew up. We often celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving with them, either traveling to the midwest or bringing them out to spend time at our house back east. We’re also in close communication, emailing and calling a couple times a week to stay plugged into their lives and the latest news. Our family has always been quite close and loving, and Aaron’s parents are almost as excited about a grandchild as we are for a baby, ready to jump on a plane to start doting on (yeah, spoiling) a child as soon as one comes into our lives!

We are so grateful to you for considering us to raise your child, and possibly giving us the greatest gift we can imagine: parenthood. We think your decision to consider adoption is a brave and selfless act. Should you choose us, we promise to make sure your child understands what a courageous and loving choice you made for them. 

Our World: We live in a quiet, leafy suburban neighborhood in New Jersey with a park a block away and a beautiful walking trail along a babbling brook that runs the length of our town. Kids play on the jungle gym and baseball field in warmer months, and ice skate on the frozen pond near our house in winter. We love walking our dogs and chatting with neighbors, many parents of babies and young kids along our block. Aaron grew up on a similar street with dozens of neighbor kids to play with, and can’t help but imagine a time soon when our own kid will stroll up the street to knock on a friend’s door, asking to play after dinner on a warm summer evening.

Our town is close to so many fun and exciting activities we can’t wait to do with a child. A weekly farmers market with kid’s face painting and crafts, apple picking and hay-rack rides at a nearby orchard in the Fall. A children’s science center and lots of amazing museums — including a 10-acre outside sculpture garden where you can rent bikes and picnic as you take in all the huge works of art! While our town is comfy and laid-back, we’re a short drive to New York City and all of its amazing culture, restaurants and day-trips to fill a young mind with exciting new experiences.

We both love pets (Alissa is a veterinarian, of course!), and share our home with three cats: Ramona, Grover and Murray, and our dogs, Porkchop and Applesauce. It’s amazing how well all the animals behave with our friends’ kids and babies. Applesauce has a great maternal instinct, and loves to stand near toddlers so they can lean on her and not topple over. It’s pretty cute!

Let’s tell you about ourselves and our world so you can begin to get to know us better: 

Alissa is a veterinarian and works a half-mile from our house (yes, our community often asks the local animal doc for advice!). She loves hiking in the forests and trails that surround our town, and running — she ran her first marathon a few years ago. 

We hope that reading about us has given you a sense of who we are and the loving and rich life we hope to offer your child. We’d love to learn more about you, and the dreams and life you envision for your child. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you have about us. Please feel free to call, text or email us. If you have any questions about us or about the legal process, feel free to contact our attorney. She is happy to answer your questions and easy to chat with.

Whatever choice you end up making for your child, we wish you comfort, strength and peace.

Thank you!

Love, Aaron and Alissa

How we met: Aaron threw a barbecue in Los Angeles and Alissa tagged along with a mutual friend. She expected a big outdoor bash, but found a pretty intimate gathering: Aaron and a couple old pals hanging out by the grill. While initially a little shy, Alissa quickly warmed to this group. For his part, Aaron couldn’t believe this funny beautiful girl seemed to be enjoying herself all evening! That magical night turned into flirty messages on Friendster (yep, this is pre-Facebook). A few weeks later, Aaron screened a comedy film he wrote and directed, and Alissa made sure to attend! We spent all our time at the afterparty together and made plans to see a screening of Monty Python’s “Life of Brian” the following week. A real date! We enjoyed the movie, then closed down a restaurant, talking late into the night. Soon, Alissa moved into Aaron’s tiny one-bedroom Los Angeles apartment — a converted two-car garage! After a year of living together in such a cramped space we knew we’d make a great life-long couple. 

We go all out on Thanksgiving: Aaron’s grilled turkey is famous among our family and friends, and Alissa makes a delicious butternut squash soup. Aaron’s sister bakes our grandma’s recipe for dinner rolls and brings a homemade pumpkin and pecan pie. For over a decade, we’ve been the hosts of a big gathering of family and friends — we love to share the day with folks too far to celebrate with their own family. The fun starts mid-morning with Aaron prepping the bird and gravy and making stuffing for a crowd. After an afternoon dinner, we love to walk off the meal with a stroll around the neighborhood. In the evening, we play dominoes and Alissa’s favorite: running charades. We can’t wait to bring a little one into this joyous celebration, forging lasting friendships with our friends’ young children as the years go by.

Holidays: There’s nothing like celebrating holidays and birthdays with kids, introducing them to fun traditions from our own childhood and making new ones in the process. We’ve had so much fun with our friends’ kids over the years, setting up a haunted house for the neighborhood on Halloween and trick or treating with Alissa’s niece and nephew, Sarah and Joey. It’ll be a whole other level of fun to share these experiences with a child of our own — sipping hot cider, eating chili and cornbread, making costumes!

Aaron on Alissa: Alissa is my best friend; a smart, gentle, compassionate and genuine person. She has a great sense of humor, inner strength, and amazing taste in people. I’ve actually met most of my best friends through her! I was so proud and impressed when she decided to go back to school and become a veterinarian. No surprise, she’s a natural pet doctor. She’s always made up silly voices and personalities for our sweet cats and dogs and showered them with love. Her animal patients (and their owners) love Alissa, and her clinic co-workers think the world of her. I know she’ll be a terrific mom: curious, empathetic and willing to draw boundaries and teach a child through her good example.

Aaron: Aaron was a TV writer in Hollywood for fifteen years. Now he gets to create exciting podcasts and audiobooks with TV and movie stars. Outside of work, he has lots of hobbies. He loves cooking and throwing parties, feeding dozens of people slow-smoked pulled pork on a Spring day is his idea of heaven. Aaron loves tackling home DIY projects and has just finished building new kitchen cabinets for our house. Last year he put up a back yard fence to make a safe play area for our two dogs (and a future toddler!). He loves gardening, especially growing veggies to use in the kitchen. He’s played cello since kindergarten and loves practicing classical music but also riffing on pop and rock songs with musical friends. He learned a lot of these hobbies from his parents — his dad is a pro woodworker and his mom a terrific gardener — and dreams of introducing these interests to a child one day.

Call/text 1-800-775-4013

Call/text 1-800-775-4013

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Doctor & TV writer yearn to adopt 1st baby. A lifetime of unconditional love, creativity, music and laughter awaits baby. Call/text 1-800-775-4013 anytime.

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Call/text 1-800-775-4013

But Christmas is the most special day of the year for us. Aaron grew up in a home with great Christmas traditions — his whole neighborhood lined the sidewalks with luminaries (candles burning inside white paper bags) that created a magical wintery wonderland for a midnight walk after a late church service on Christmas Eve. His mom still “surprises” the family with stocking stuffers hanging on the mantel Christmas morning. We have oyster stew on Christmas Eve (which may sound weird, but is actually delicious) and most years meet up with Aaron’s uncle and aunt, Tom and Judy, for brunch on Christmas Day before the whole family heads to a movie theater for an afternoon show. Alissa loves sharing these traditions and creating new ones in our own home. Bringing the excitement and joy of the holiday to a child — baking cookies, making and hanging ornaments, gingerbread houses, reading Christmas stories in front of the fireplace in the glow of the Christmas tree lights — would be a dream come true.

Call/text 1-800-775-4013

Call/text 1-800-775-4013

Call/text 1-800-775-4013

​​We can’t wait to become parents, but learned that it would be difficult for us to conceive naturally. That wasn’t going to stop us from creating a family! We were lucky to be raised in strong, supportive households and dream of giving that experience and love to a child. We are creating a life full of happiness, love, security and laughter… a perfect place for a little one.